Questions / Answers

How to register on Maxi Tyre?

Prerequisites : You have to be a tyre professional. Registration is made with our form. Once your request is validated, you'll receive your login info.

Is shipping included?

Shipping is included starting from 2 items. From 1 item for motorcycle tyres.

How does the search tool work?

Matchcode : Indicate width, height, diameter.
Selector : use the selectors for each of the specs required.

Do you retail directly to end-customers?

No, this is strictly reserved to our users.

Why do the prices change ?

Maxi Tyre updates its prices in real time to prevent the stock from going out.

What is the delivery time frame for Maxi Tyre?

The delivery time frame is indicated for each supply depot. The time frame is refreshed every day in order to reflect reality.